Sunday, August 16, 2009

Customer Service or Lack thereof

Lately I have had the worst luck with Customer Service.

I love tea, all kinds of tea. One of my favorite loose leaf teas is Teavana. We are lucky to have several locations in the Houston area. One of them is at the Galleria, right across from my office. So I went in to get some tea. But wow, have their prices gone up. And now that I'm underemployed, I am being careful with what I buy. So I asked for 2 different teas, 2 oz each. The girl waiting on me, goes and starts filling up the bag. I said, I asked for 2 oz. So she dumped some out and says is this ok. I stupidly assumed that it would be close and said yes. So when she rang it up and it was way over what I thought. Ends up one was 5.6 oz and one was 3 oz. I said to her, I asked for 2 oz. She said well I showed you the bag. I was so mad that I just left with the tea after paying for it.

My sister Becky went in the next week and asked for 2 oz. The girl started filling it up and said is that OK? Becky said is it 2 oz? She just shrugged. Becky made her weigh it and it was 3 oz. So she looked at Becky and asked if she had to take some out. Becky said yes she asked for 2 oz. So after a lot of sighs and groans she got her tea.

I complained to Teavana by email but of course have not heard a word.

* courtesy of the Teavana website

Next I got to deal with Netgear. I have a Netgear DGN2000 which I love. It's a modem and wireless all in one. No more of one not talking to the other. This device has never dropped a connection. Ever. Bill has 2 of his desktops hard-wired into this. I am wireless at the back of the house.
Suddenly ports 2, 3 and 4 go out. So I get online to customer service since blasting Bill off his stupid game requires an act of congress. We finally go as far as we can online, so I start calling their customer service at 5 am. This is when Bill is getting ready for work. They say they have 24 hours service. 2 days in a row, I stayed on hold for 30 minutes then went to a mail box that said they would call me back. Well, by that time I would be at work. So finally I had to throw Bill off his computer and talk to India to resolve this. Of course the girl is reading the script and I'm 4 steps ahead of her at all times. By the time we get off the phone, she has now broken port 1 too. So we can only use the wireless while we are waiting for the replacement to arrive.
Of course I had to pay to get the replacement underwarranty. We can send in the unit and pay postage and wait for them to mail us one, meaning we will be out of service for the length of time it takes. Or I can pay $16.95 for them to mail us one and we'll mail our back when we get it. Of course, it's 2 day service, and there is a weekend in the middle of it. Or we could have had it overnighted for about $35. I choose the $16.95. I would not listen to Bill for 4 days of no internet. Remember Hurricane IKE? No way.
* courtesy of Netgear

Next up is customer service at HP. I used to work at HP. If we got India on the phone for the internal help desk we would hang up and call back till we got Mexico. So I get online and pretend to be Bill. He's helpless with problems. His gaming computer would just crash after it was up for a few minutes. So I get online and "talk" to them. On this one, by the time I get off the internet, the computer won't even come up at all. He had me go into the setup and of course it crashed so it's in limbo somewhere. So this was a weekend, so they sent the box to us, I packed it up and took it to Fed Ex by the office.
Meanwhile, Bill has my desktop. It is the only other computer of our 8 that will run his game. This would be the same desktop that does all of our movies, loads books from the library, has the software for printing the movies, has all the books for loading the iPods and iPhone. See comment above about listening to Bill without his game.
Since Dell has lousy DVD drives, I'm doing books and movies on my external dvd writer.
* courtesy of HP

The redeeming service is ATT. I went into the store to upgrade my iPhone. I walked out 15 minutes later with my phone working perfectly.

* courtesy of Apple