Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was tagged by Kimmie to list 6 random things about myself. Here are the tagging rules:
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1. I love to listen to books on CD. I have hundreds of books from our fabulous library. I order them online, go pick them up when I receive an email that they are in, come home and load them on my iPod. I listen on my commute, at airports, on planes (drowns other people out), waiting in the doctors office and any other place I can. I listen to everything, fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, thrillers, fluff mysteries, you name it, I listen to it.

2. I have a cat that thinks she is a dog. She fetches, follows me around, and trots down the hall. Her name is Kalliope and she is a talker.

3. I love storms!

4. I love going to new cities and finding all the cool buildings to look at.

5. Like Kimmie, I drink insane amounts of fresh brewed tea. And I could not live without my cordless tea kettle. I first discovered them in England in 1996 and have had one ever since.

6. I love making appetizers. Appetizers do classify as meals!

I don't have anyone to tag since everyone I know has already been tagged.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Erica and Kyle

Last night the son of good friends from high school got married. It reminded me that good friends are forever.

In high school, Sonna lived around the corner, then moved across the street. Her dad was a builder so they would build a new house, move into it, and sell the other one. We lived on the corner, and George lived 2 houses down in the other direction from where Sonna lived. But Sonna had actually lived directly in front of George's house. The funny thing is that they never met in high school. George went to military school in Virginia.

Sonna is a year older than George and I, but Sonna and I had a couple of classes together in high school. George and I used to water ski together with our friend Doug. George had the ski boat. Sonna and I would go sailing together. I had the sail boat. Sonna went off to SMU to school, I went across town to the University of Texas (which is the ONLY school) and George went to A&M.

Our freshman year A&M played Texas in football in Austin. George brought home Corp friends and Bettye told me that I could come and decorate the inside of the house when the boys went drinking. So I enlisted Sonna to help me. She had never met George at the time. Bettye called and we went to work. But suddenly we heard the front door open and we took off out the back door. Everyone in Northwest Hills has privacy fences, so we had to go out the gate and run back to our house. When we got back, my house had been decorated in maroon and white!! And my parents never heard a thing.

Still Sonna and George did not meet. Fast forward to Christmas break. I had to get my wisdom teeth out. Sonna came over to see me look like a chipmunk. I disappointed her, so she and I were sitting on my mom's bed talking to my mom and painting our fingernails green. George then walks in the bedroom, after coming in the back door. He too was disappointed I didn't look like a chipmunk. He climbed on the bed too to talk to us.

Three and one half years later after George graduated from A&M and Sonna had seen the light and transferred to Texas, Sonna and George got married at St. Luke's on the Lake in a beautiful ceremony.

Last night their youngest son Kyle, who holds a bachelor's and master's from A&M, married Erica, who also graduated from A&M. Despite their poor choice of colleges, they are a wonderful couple and Erica was an absolutely gorgeous bride. It was a beautiful ceremony at Grace Episcopal Church in Galveston.

Sonna's sisters Stephanie and Ruthie were there as well as George's brother David and his sister Lisa. The old neighborhood was back together. None of our parents live their any more, but we have great memories of the time. George's mom passed away a couple of months ago after suffering from poor health for a long time.

Pictures can be seen here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tropic Storm Eddie

We are in desperate need of rain, so the idea of a tropic storm was very appealing to us. Our trees are dying from the drought. Of course, as luck would have it, I had to fly out today to Nashville where my company has it's headquarters. I always take the first flight of the morning so looked at the hourly forecast and knew I could beat the rain to the airport. Today was a day of many firsts.

1. I get to Houston George Bush Airport, known to us old-timers as Intercontinental. I park in my normal parking space on the 4th floor of the parking garage. I go straight to security and something very peculiar happens. I am the only person in the security "line". Remember I'm at the Houston Big Airport.

2. Then I get to my "sold out" flight. The announcer calls boarding for people with small children. No one moves. She calls rows 15 through the end of the plane, no one moves. She says, the whole plane just get on. So all 10 of us get on.

3. Then the biggest shocker of them all happens. I have been flying through or out of this airport for 48 years and this event has never happened before. The plane pushes off from the gate and doesn't stop till the gate in Nashville. By this I mean we flew down the taxi-way, then we took off, no stopping, no standing in line for 40 planes.

I think we were the last flight out for awhile. Then they started cancelling flights. My coworker was already in Nashville and was attempting to fly back to Houston tonight. Continental cancelled the last two flights of the day. They told her they could not get her on a flight until Thursday. So I told her to check Southwest. She has refused to fly Southwest because of the airport they fly out of and because - this is a great reason - she is on Southwest's terrorist watch list. And the reason she is on the terrorist watch list is because her last name is Mata, which translates from Spanish to English as "To Kill". I had offered to take her to the airport because she didn't have a rental car. I had to remind her that we needed to get there early enough for interrogation time.

Meanwhile, in Bubbaland where we live, we actually had stronger wind than Amanda had down there in Richmond. I haven't heard from Bill yet, who also had to work since he works for a bank, but I don't think we had any damage.

Oh, and I almost forgot, last night was a nightmare. We live 90 miles from the coast and Eddie was to be a category 1 hurricane at best when it hit the coast. The lines at the gas stations were unbelievable. People were stripping the grocery stores. One lady swooped in front of me and took the parking place I was moving into. Then the same b*&^% almost ran me over with her cart in the store. And all I wanted was a canteloupe and loaf of bread so that Bill would have something to eat while I was in Nashville.

I'm now sitting in my Holiday Inn room that has been renovated into an incredible room with a memory foam mattress, wide bathtub, laminate floors, couch, etc. I usually stay at the Homewood but they were booked. I haven't stayed here in a year or so, and it's changed a lot. I'm eating the best shrimp fried rice I've ever had.

So that's my day with Tropic Storm Eddie.