Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fallon's Shower

Oh my, it's been a long time since I blogged. It's been crazy with the house, work, and kittens. And nothing exciting has happened.

Bill's niece is having a baby and there was a shower for her in Beaumont this weekend. So I told her I would make cupcakes and cookies. But I didn't tell her what they would be.

A while back, Allison, the fabulous cupcake baker, mentioned she made pink lemonade cupcakes. Since Fallon is having a girl, I thought this would be perfect. So Allison graciously shared her recipe with me. And told me where to get the cute toppers. Of course, she didn't tell me NOT to go the night before Halloween, and me, not thinking, pulled into Party City on Halloween Eve. I was however the only person on the baby aisle.

So here are the cupcakes in my new carrier. What a terrific carrier.

Here is a full picture of the carrier. Great investment.
The cookie idea was stolen from Kimmie, chef extraordenaire. My favorite niece is the source of many of our recipes. In fact today I asked Bill what he wanted for dinner and he said "Kimmie Soup", meaning the taco soup that we got the recipe from Kimmie. My cookies do not even compare to Kimmie's but Bill's family did not know the difference. NOTE TO SELF: Never again do cookies and cupcakes during the week. One or the other.

Here is my cupcake tree. The cupcakes looked adorable on it.

Everyone loved the cupcakes and cookies. The cupcakes got rave reviews. In fact, one of Bill's sisters had not tried one yet, eventhough she had it in her togo box. His other sister said, at least taste the icing right now. Lori did and her eyes just lit up.
Bill ate cupcakes after we got home and we got his seal of approval. This is from the person that likes sheet cakes and chocolate chip cookies. Boring, but that is another story.
I also took a dozen cupcakes to the vets office. I talked to one of the techs today and she said they loved them. In fact the vet took the leftovers to his kids!
So a big shoutout to Kimmie and Allison for their ideas!!