Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Cat Photos

I usually have the camra out. The cats are always doing something. Here is Biddy, sticking her head out the cube that Aunt Diana gave them.

Next we have Xena. She was the baby, but by far NOT the smallest, until the kitten herd appeared. She has problems getting comfy as you can see.

Here is Toby. He is the biggest, but the sweetest too!

As you can see, Keagan has problems getting comforable too.

Here is Xena on the top, Keagan and Shaylee on the next level down. They are best friends now. Shaylee has grown so much from the 1.4 pound kitten we found. She is so sweet. Keagan is just a ragdoll.

Here I am trying to get a picture of Bianca, the newest member of the household. She is still scared. The daughter of one of Bill's coworkers found her. She arrived at our house with a pink collar and a pink carrier! She is a cuddler, just needs to get used to everyone.

Bill's New Wheels

Here is Bill's new car. His old Camry only had 231,000 miles on it. He is averaging 46.4 mpg right now, so he is quite happy.

His car gets about 500 miles to a tank and costs $20 to fill up. My car gets about 300 miles to a tank and cost $40 to fill up. I think I need a new car!

He is very happy with his new green car! And it has better cupholders than my Lexus, but any car has better cupholders than my Lexus. His iPod connection is totally awesome. You control the iPod through the radio!

Friday, July 3, 2009

She Grew Into Her Ears

Miss Shaylee is growing. She has finally grown into her ears. I'm so disappointed. She was so cute with those big ears. She still has her little rat tail. She is so sweet, but still shy. She does finally play with her brother Keagan. He no longer intimidates her.

Keagan has no bones. He just flops all over the place. He lets me carry him all over the house and loves to sleep on me like Kalliope. Kalliope is very jealous. He is so sweet but is losing his soft kitty fur. He does play rough with Shaylee, but he no longer gets her whole neck in his teeth.