Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strange Quirks I have

I have some strange quirks:

  1. I only like to clean house when it's sunny outside. That means no cleaning when it's dark or raining.
  2. I like raw carrots but can't stand cooked carrots.
  3. I love to exercise but only in the morning.
  4. I like sweet and low in hot tea, but like my ice tea with not sweetner in it.
  5. I hate to drive, but end up doing all the driving. Except for going to work, I take the bus, it may be longer, but I'm not stressed.
  6. I don't care for beef, pork or chicken much.
  7. I don't care for chocolate very often.
  8. I don't like very many sit coms.
  9. I don't like many stupid movie comedies.
  10. I love British shows and movies.
  11. I love French movies.
  12. I don't like potatoes, but love rice.
  13. I don't mind cleaning or doing laundry.
  14. I love to cook, but baking is OK.
  15. I love sports.
  16. I don't care much for science fiction, but loved Lord of the Rings, Steven Spielberg's Take, The 4400.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Best Coworkers in the World

I will not miss my job because management has been horrible for the past year. However, I will miss the best coworkers ever. These flowers (now hiding in my bathroom so the cats can not eat them) were sent by KM. He was the best project manager ever!! I know we will remain friends forever!! I will also miss KM, the user support analyst. Despite having bad taste in college football teams (Nebraska Cornhuskers), I love her to death. And she is married to a Longhorn, so she does have good taste. KM has been there for me since DAY 1! Without her I would have been totally lost.

Then I can't say enough about the Houston team, most of whom have gone on to new jobs. But AS and RM were so welcoming and became such close friends. AS and I share a love of books and had a blast finding new authors together! RM and her darling daughter AB will always have a fond place in my heart.

There were a lot of good friends, but these deserve a big shout out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Less Stress

I've been a bit stressed lately. In November I lost my beloved aunt. Then 2 weeks later I told I needed to move to Nashville or lose my job. I chose lose the job. I didn't like it that much any more (bad management) and I don't do country music. In all of December I did not get one call on jobs. Starting the second week of January I started getting a lot of calls. I had one interview a couple of weeks ago, but have not heard one word from the recruiter. I find that very tacky. She was all gung ho, and then nothing. Last week I got called for an interview on Thursday. Friday morning they asked me to come back this week and meet the whole team. They were great. Two hours after I left I was called with a job offer! My present job ends Friday, and I got a severence package. And I start the new job on Monday! I'm so excited!

I just filled out all the forms, and scanned them in to email them to my new employer. I feel very fortunate to find a job in this economy!