Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Garmy the savior!

The day after Thanksgiving I bought a new Garmin. Bill's comment was that we could buy a lot of maps for the price. However, we used it on our marathon Christmas Bird Counts. It worked wonderfully. We found places at 4 am with no stress!! The only breakdown was when we selected fuel so we could find a bathroom. It delivered us to our favorite - Bucee's - clean bathrooms, or so it thought. We were at a vacant lot!! Fortunately we could see a Valero from where we were.

Yesterday after I bailed on doing the Christmas Bird Counts with Bill for yesterday and today, Bill asked to use Garmy. I was very lost coming to work without Garmy. The Australian accent is the best. Bill likes the English accent, but when it says to turn on FM 2920, which all of us in Texas know as Farm to Market roads, but Garmy in an English accent says "turn right on the Federated States of Micronesia two thousand nine hunderd and twenty". We have had a good laugh over it.

I whimp out on the bird counts. Especially after I tripped over the barbed wire and ripped my boots. I then had an excuse not to go tromping through the mud. I was sitting waiting on Bill, Bryan, Adam and Ron and saw some birds in the tree. So I watched them for a long time. They came back out of the woods and told me I missed the Grooved Billed Ani. I said "you mean the ones that were in that tree right there?". They were mad and said I had to go tromping around if they did. It was not fair that I got to see them. Later I heard Ron say something to Adam and I heard Adam say "she does that to us all the time. She finds birds from the car that we have been looking for".

I'm behind getting everything done. Christmas cards are late, nothing is wrapped. Oh well!!

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