Friday, July 3, 2009

She Grew Into Her Ears

Miss Shaylee is growing. She has finally grown into her ears. I'm so disappointed. She was so cute with those big ears. She still has her little rat tail. She is so sweet, but still shy. She does finally play with her brother Keagan. He no longer intimidates her.

Keagan has no bones. He just flops all over the place. He lets me carry him all over the house and loves to sleep on me like Kalliope. Kalliope is very jealous. He is so sweet but is losing his soft kitty fur. He does play rough with Shaylee, but he no longer gets her whole neck in his teeth.


-Ana- said...

These cats are so cute!
It's such a small world. We were in Michigan at the same time! I was there til the 14th! Hope you had a great time=)

Meg said...

I'm hoping I can get into it. I was assigned to read one in college and just took a zero on that assignment. I'm really funny about the movies I like.