Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kittens are growing up

Here is Bianca and Shaylee. They became its this week when they were spayed. They are best buddies as you can see are in the same bed. They are completely mad at me for taking them to get cut open. But they are doing great. But the vet said Shaylee, the fairy princess, became the royal pain and they had to sedate her after she woke up from surgery. She had enough and was ready to go home. Bill picked them up and said Shaylee was very wobbly.

This was Shaylee before her surgery. She is just so cute.

Here is Shaylee and Keagan. They are buddies too.

Keagan is a full grown cat almost. He is 6 months old now. He is the softest cat we have. He also has his Longhorn ears and tail on. He is like a ragdoll. He loves to be picked up and just flops in your arms. He just puts his head on my shoulder and goes to sleep. But if Bill picks him up, he bites Bill's nose.


Meg said...

Just noticed your tweet. We walked all over the commissary the other day looking for marshmallows, you are not alone!

-Ana- said...

Keagan is adorable! If I had my very own a cat it would be one that looks like Keagan.

MissKittyKat said...

They are so cute. Bless. :)