Friday, December 3, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Smiles

Sending holiday cards provides smiles all over the world. When someone opens a card and sees a card, they just have to smile.

Shutterfly has long been a place for people to store their pictures and send to their friends to see. I love taking pictures and my New Year's Resolution is to learn how to use the DSLR rather than taking all my pictures on auto.

In this card alone I have shown the hummingbird I took a picture of in Costa Rica, the lovely view from Jo and Roy's in Italy, Bill in front of the Leaning Tower, the cats kung fu fighting and a glorious sunset I caught on the way home from work one day.

Shutterfly provides you with a professional way for you to use your own pictures in Holiday Cards. Think of all the smiles you will get when those fabulous cards are opened!

If you are having a party for the friends and family, what better way to invite them than with the Shutterfly party invitations. You will be the talk of the town with these invitations.

And what better way to say thank you, than with your own pictures on your thank you cards. No one will have cards like yours!

To spread the cheer, jump on the Shutterfly Bloggers Free Holiday bandwagon. You will be hooked and ordering from Shutterfly frequently! Tell your friends, or show them with your one of a kind holiday card!

I can not wait to show pictures from our Costa Rica and Italy trips this year! We were so lucky to be able to go on both trips! Both are fabulous places with fabulous pictures. The moggies will be making appearances too in the photos! They had to stay home with the sitter, but they love having their pictures taking.

Do not miss out on this fabulous offer! The selection is superb!

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