Monday, September 2, 2013

Proposal, Marriage and Ever After

The night before we flew home, Bill asked Bryan out to the hall. I thought it was weird, but knew I would find out what it was about later.

Arley picked us up at 3:30 AM and we got to the airport.  Bill was still feeling poorly.  We asked the lady at the front of the Copa line if he could go sit down.  She said yes, but then bumped us to the front of the line.  I can't get over how nice the Colombian people were.  Despite the fact our Spanish is bad, and no one spoke any English, they went out of their way to help us.

We were pleasantly surprised when we boarded the plane and it was only 2 seats on each side.  Since we didn't have internet, we were not able to check in early.  We were in the back row, which was nice that I had no kids kicking me.  Right after we took off, Bill said he talked to Bryan about something and didn't know where to talk to me now or wait till we got home.  I told him that he could have me hound him the whole way home, or he could talk now.  This is what it looked like from the plane.  Dawn was just peeking through.

Bill asked me to marry him and all I could do was laugh.  We just had a rough 3 days of him feeling bad.  But I said yes.  He asked "Catholic or Baptist?" and I said JP.  He said good.

So after 9 years together, 10 states, 6 countries, 220,000 miles logged in the car together, countless cat rescues, we decided to make it official.  So I will not die an old maid!  This is my first.

We suspected Bill was passing kidney stones and Monday morning he went to the doctor and he was.  So I took Friday afternoon off and we went to the courthouse on Cypresswood.  There was no line, so we were able to get the license.  We went to James Avery and picked out a ring that I had already looked at.

I had no meetings the next Tuesday afternoon, so we made an appointment with the JP in Magnolia.  He was wonderful.  My sister Becky made me this beautiful bouquet with hummingbirds.

Here we are dressed up for us! 

My sister Becky came in for the ceremony.

She also made these yummy cupcakes.  We took some to the JPs office and she said I could take some to work.  We decided to eat them instead.


Anonymous said...

Ellen, I love the story! mbc

JWeeks said...

Great story and congratulations!!