Sunday, January 5, 2014


Athens was a crowded city with a lot of history.  The tourists were everywhere and getting around took forever.  But there was some interesting architecture.  The economy is crumbling and you can tell.  If it was not for tourism, I'm not sure what they would do.  The smog was unbelievable. 
The airport was moved for the new Olympics and the old one just sits crumbling.  The venues that were built have not been kept up.  The was complete gridlock all the time.  

 We were told that in the 60's it is in vogue to live in apartments so there are high rises everywhere.

A gull.  We did not see many birds.

Nike ad on a building.

I love clock and bell towers.

The Acropolis, with it's scaffolding.  It is hold and needs help.

I love the old churches.

This is the original Olympic stadium.  Initially there were no bleachers.  Those were put in centuries later.

The guards at the Parliament.

The detail is amazing.

I love the blue and white.


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