Saturday, June 28, 2008


Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a tea person. I love loose teas and all kinds of teas. I love going to tea stores and getting new teas. For my birthday my sisters gave me a new tea pot. I am so excited because it's bigger than the ones I have with infusers.

Mine is the white one. It is wonderful that it has a tab on the infuser to remove the infuser with. Usually I burn my fingers trying to get the infuser out.

My favorite places to buy tea are online:

Favorite places for Afternoon Tea:

  • St Regis, Houston

  • Four Seasons, Austin

  • The Adolphus, Dallas

  • The Tea Room, Savannah, Georgia

The place I most want to go to for Afternoon Tea:

  • The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, British Columbia

Countries where I have had great tea experiences:

  • England

  • USA

  • Portugal

  • New Zealand

  • Isle of Man

  • Ireland

  • Holland

If you have not had fresh brewed loose tea, you have no idea what you are missing! There is nothing to compare to it.

Favorite Friends to Have Tea With:

  • Becky, my sister

  • Dariel, my sister

  • Kimmie, my favorite niece

  • Maryloretto, Georgetown friend

  • Nancy, Austin friend

  • Sonna, Katy friend

  • Anyone that will have tea with me!

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