Friday, September 19, 2008

Shout out to Owen Conflenti

Owen Conflenti the Channel 2 Morning/Midday News Anchor is my hero.

We live in the county. We live in Stagecoach, Texas which is very rural. Everyone and their brother has decided to burn all of their trees and leaves that came down during Hurricane Ike. We had all of our windows open since we have no power (or water for that matter). The smoke is so thick you can not see to the end of the street. Plus with my asthma, I thought Bill was going to have to take me to the Emergency Room.

Bill complained to the Fire Department and they said there was not anything they could do. Bill then contacted Channel 13 and never heard anything.

So I contacted KTRH (the radio station), Channels 2, 11 and 13. Owen was the only one to respond!

Last night they had a banner running on the bottom of the screen during the news not to burn. Then Stephen Dean had a wonderful segment on the health hazards of people burning in Montgomery County.

Shout out to Stephen Dean for a wonderful segment.

Also trees were lost during the storm. Those trees produced oxygen and that has been lost. Now people are running generators that produce carbon monoxide. On top of that they are burning which is also depleting the oxygen.

Now on to fight the water company. HMW Utilities is the WORST. Our water went out the day BEFORE Ike. Then came back on for a few hours till the electricity went out at 3:42 am and the water went back out too. I called the morons, oops, employees of HMW, who informed me that we would not get water until we got electricity. The water came back on Tuesday night. We were so excited. We got to take showers. The previous shower was in the rain on Sunday. Wednesday morning we were good still. Then Wednesday afternoon came and the water went. I should say I have been showering at work, but Bill doesn't have that luxury.

Now to add insult to injury, we have a BOIL WATER sign in the neighborhood. I want to know how I am supposed to accomplish this. Boil my Ozarka bottled water????? No way!

Owen asked to keep him informed on the water situation too!

BIG SHOUT OUT!! We love Channel 2, Owen Conflenti, Stephen Dean and the rest of the crew! What great reporting they have done!


The Joiners said...

I love Owen and Channel 2, too! They are my favorites :) Good to know they are good listeners, as well!

QB said...

Ditto on Channel 2 - they're the best.