Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yikes Ike

We have all the lawn furniture in the garage, enough groceries to last a month, and all the cats have their water wings blown up, ready to put them on. Yes, Ike is headed straight for us. We live 70 miles inland but it could still be a cat 2 when it gets here. We are staying, we have a well built house and it's much easier to stay than it is to cart 15 cats somewhere, like anyone would take them.

Poor Bill has to work till noon tomorrow. He left early today and it took him 2 3/4 hours to get home. During Rita it took him 7 hours. With no traffic it takes him 45 minutes, with traffic it's an hour and a half.

We only have to bring the plants in tomorrow.

I do have a brand new propane tank to make my tea on Saturday morning on the gas grill is we lose power. Have to be prepared for every situation. All the laundry is done, so we'll have clean tshirts to wear if we have no power. I will charge the dvd player, laptop, cell phones, iPods, nintendo ds tomorrow so Bill won't get too bored if the power goes out.

We did have the water to go out today and the weather was beautiful. I was concerned because I smelled like a water buffalo after hauling all the lawn furniture in. Fortunately it is now fixed and I had a shower.

More to come after Ike hits!!

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The Joiners said...

Boo! Sorry to hear y'all are not in great shape, but it sounds like you are keeping a positive outlook :) Hope everything gets turned back on soon!!