Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crave Cupcakes and Ms Shaylee

Yesterday on my day off I finally trapped the last kitten. Just call me Trapper Ellen. I already made an appointment at the Houston SPCA to take them. I emailed Bill to tell him I caught the last one and he begged me to keep the runt. We could not turn the runt in anyway because she only weighed 1.4 pounds. You have to be 2 pounds to be accepted by the SPCA. Here is a picture of the terrors, uh, darlings, that I turned in. I have no idea what sex they are. They are quite wild.

After I accomplished that mission, since I was just blocks from Crave Cupcakes, I had to stop. I got a vanilla on vanilla, espresso chocolate, red velvet and dark chocolate. I ate the espress last night and it was quite tasty. But the vanilla on vanilla was outstanding. Bill hasn't eaten the other two yet. I don't think we have to worry about Crave going out of business. It is located in Uptown Park and is always packed. A man walked in as I was getting my order. He asked what was good. He was just walking by and saw the sign and couldn't believe how much activity was going on. You can see the bakers baking and it is non-stop activity there. I still need to go on Sunday or Tuesday for the peanut butter and key lime cupcakes.

Here are a couple of pictures of Shaylee. Shaylee means fairy of the fields. She has the cutest face and looks like an elf. See the picture below. She is still very little and quite scared. She was so used to the other litter mates keeping her company and snuggling. She does purr quite loudly when you hold her. She is getting very used to be held. Bill put Keagan in there with her, and he immediately had her pinned down and had his mouth around her neck. We decided that she's too little for him still.

Keagan has quite the personality now. He is all over the place and thinks nothing of harrassing the bigger cats. Getting him to eat his kitten food is quite an accomplishment because he just marches over to the big kids food and starts chomping. He is now sleeping with us and everyone else at night. We put him in the bathroom in the middle of the night a couple of times and he howled. But now we have move Shaylee in there with all the toys and so we have to keep him out. We hope Shaylee's personality comes out soon. I was worried about Keagan the first day because he was so docile. He had also been fixed that day. He is no longer docile.

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