Sunday, January 10, 2010

Forbidden Gardens Katy, TX

If you are ever in the Houston, TX area, the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, TX are a must. The site was built by a Chinese businessman to show children Chinese History. It is not advertised very well and there is not a sign at the street. My sister saw it on the Travel Channel. It is a fabulous place and they will be adding more exhibits.
When Dariel and I went it was very hot. Since it is mostly outdoors, it can be extremely uncomfortable. But we still enjoyed it. New Year's weekend my friends Ed, Kathi and Ginny came down from Boston to get out of the snow and watch the Patriots lose to the Texans. I think people will start paying their way down since the Texans are not that great, and they have only seen the Patriots lose when they have been here. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for visiting the Forbidden Gardens.
Part of the entertainment of the weekend was taking them to the Forbidden Gardens.

Here are the full scale Terra Cotta Warriors.
Here is how the Terra Cotta Warriors looked when they were unearthed in China.
This is a 1/20th scale of the Forbidden City.
One of the exhibits that shows how homes were built.
One of the air conditioned exhibits, a model of a seaside village.

This is a must see for the Houston area. So rich in history!!


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