Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have the best dressed Nook ever!!

I bought myself a Nook. The reason I went with the Nook over the Kindle is that my friend Ginny has one, my niece is getting one, and my sister got one too. I was a bit miffed when I ordered mine a week before my sister ordered hers and they shipped the same day! On top of that, UPS lost mine. Only after I called them did the tracking information show up. Mine did arrive at my house a few minutes before Becky's arrived at her house. However, it was pouring down rain and I was at the Texas A&M vet hospital with Scarlett. But I came home to the wonderful Nook.

It did take someone with an engineering degree to open the packaging!

The next day I did go to Barnes and Noble to get a frame for it. I tried to go to the one in College Station but they didn't have any accessories. And there was only one B&N in North Houston that had accessories. The frame protects the cover from scratches, dirt, etc. And especially protects the edges. I picked pink because pink is my favorite color and Becky already purchased the blue/green one.

Two days later I got this wonderful surprise in the mail from Ginny in Scituate, MA. I met Ginny in 1988 when I was consulting at the company where she worked. We have remained friends and she came down for the Texans and Patriots game this year! So much fun! Over the years we have shared all kinds of craft ideas! The cover she made for my Nook is so precious. When she was here she showed me the one she made for herself, which is like this in different fabric. She puts fusible vinyl over the fabric so you can just wipe it off. What a great idea ... till I tried to find some! I did order it over the internet. Got to love that interent.

JoAnn's fabrics (where Ginny got hers) looked at me like I was nuts. Hancock Fabrics said it was on their wish list. Hobby Lobby thought it was a fabulous idea. I did read that WalMart might have it. I will go look. Especially now that I know what I am looking for.

Here is the finished product Ginny made. Check out the cute cats!

Here is the book opened up all the way. The cats are so adorable.

Check out the cute cat button for the closure. Ginny is so creative!!

Here is the Nook in it's case. Check out the paw print material! By the way it is very padded to prevent any bangs or hits. The Nook looks so cute in it's case.

Then for Valentine's Day, Becky made this adorable case. It's made from laminated cotton. She padded it with foam and the fabric is very soft. I love the bright colors. It has a zipper compartment that now house my cords! I can always find them. And this is perfect for traveling. It totally protects the screen.

Get your Nooks and Kindles dressed to protect them. But make sure their outfits are fashion statements!

THANKS AGAIN GINNY AND BECKY! No one will ever have a better dressed Nook!

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