Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bill failed at tricking me

We have a lot of black cats. And Bill thought he could sneak another one in on me, but failed.

Here is Kyara fighting with Keagan on the fireplace.

Here is Kayla laying in bed.

Kayla is now playing with her toy.

This is our pretty girl, Mysti. She is 6 now. So gorgeous and can not confuse her with the other cats.

Then this is Kieran, the male kitten, he is twice the size of Kayla and Kyara.
Last weekend I went to Austin for Connie's (my college roommate) oldest son's wedding. Becky and Tray had a gorgeous wedding and I am very happy for them. On Saturday Bill and Bryan helped with the BioBlitz at the Katy Prairie. There were identifying plants, trees, mammals, birds that are in the area.
Sunday they were in Galveston birding.
I get home around 4 pm and this cute face met me at the back door. The first thing I noticed was her meow was not like the other black kittens. Then I noticed she was smaller than the other black kittens. Then I noticed her tail was too short. So I picked her up and she was skin and bones.
She was so affectionate and adorable. I called Bill and of course his phone was dead. It always is. So I texted Bryan "where did the cat come from?". Meanwhile, she wanted to stay in my arms. And I fed her some wet kitten food which she inhaled.
About an hour later I get a text - "what cat?". And I said you know what cat. And then I get "you didn't bring it back from Austin?". I said NO.
When they got home, I hear the whole story. Of course they had a bet that it would take me 2 days to figure out there was a new cat. I said no, 2 seconds. They were at the viewing platform on the Katy Prairie, and this kitten was there. I think she is about 4 months old. Her tail has been cut off about halfway. It has not happened recently. She was starving but her coat was in good shape. She was at least a mile from the closest house. I asked a friend that keeps her horses out there and she said that people dump animals out there all the time.
I said no more cats. We are trying to catch the stray that keeps having kittens and get her fixed. And I am taking 3 of her kittens to the SPCA on Monday.
However, little Katy Purree (named after the Katy Prairie where she was found) has stolen my heart. She curls up and sits on my lap or sleeps in my arms while in bed. She is the sweetest cat ever.

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Carol B said...

She even looks sweet while meowing! I love black cats. I don't need one.