Sunday, May 2, 2010

Galveston Recovery

Maryloretto and I went to Galveston yesterday to attend the annual historic homes tour. This year the homes did not disappoint us. There were fabulous houses on the tour. We also had several bonuses this year. Along the seawall, artists are painting the concrete benches. This adds lots of color and excitement. Also artists are making sculptures out of the trees trunks of the trees that were killed by Hurricane Ike. The salt water covered the ground then we had a major drought so may trees died plus many trees and limbs were downed by the winds.

If you are looking to purchase a house in Galveston, check out where the high water marks are. The owners are purchasing these plaques! It was interesting to see the difference of the marks in the various neighborhoods.

My favorite bench!

Just as I got to the bench, these people sat on it.

That is a marriage proposal!

The lighting was bad by the time we got to this one. It is so fabulous. We think the Mexcian smoke has invaded our airspace.

I love this one.

Such a cute guy.

Love the frog!!

This is one of my favorites too!

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