Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 3 Trieste and Birding with Paul Tout

Paul Tout and Domen Stanic arrive to pick us up promptly at 6:30 am. Paul is a Brit that has been living in Italy since the 80's. He is a bird guide for Northeast Italy and Slovenia. Domen is from Slovenia and is 19 going to the university to study Biology. He came along for the ride and we enjoyed both of them very much.

The weather was not the best at times. We got drenched a couple of times. We saw some great birds. There has been a lot of rain in the last two weeks so there was a lot of flooding. We could not get into the mountains where we could see some additional birds. There was a road that was washed about that has been there for 200 years. They have never seen anything like the flooding.

For breakfast Paul has rolls with cheese and jalapeƱo jelly that were fabulous.. We went to the grocery store and bought lunch for everyone. Sandwiches, good rolls and cheese were the order of the day! The birding was good, the company was even better. If you want a bird guide in Northeast Italy, Paul is the person for you. We would love for him to come to Texas so we could take him around to see the sights. Domen is also invited any time!

When we continued our pizza tour. We wanted to bring pizza back to the room since we were worn out. The place we went the night before was closed. But I found another place. The pizza was good, but not as great as the night before.

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Myrtle said...

you capture a good picture.. i like the picture of a bird flying so high its so good to capture many picture of a bird..
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