Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 5, Croce, a suburb of Menaggio, Lenno, Lugano, Day 6 Croce, Osteno, Menaggio

I am up early writing in the journal. I'm enjoying my tea and watching the sun come up. And of course taking pictures.

Roy has been in the UK but will be back tonight, with takeaway curries for Jo. Evidently the food here is good, but every restaurant has the same menu! But not as great as Jo's cooking!

We went to Lenno for coffee/tea/coke and biscuits/brioche. Harry and Sam got to swim in the lake. Then we drove around to Como to get our train tickets for the rest of the trip. Our times were too tight on the way to Como.

We then dropped the dogs at the house and went to Switzerland for petrol. I wanted to get my dad a sudoku book in Italian but we found one in German. Lake Lugano is beautiful and so is the town of Lugano. We saw the Mojito bar and we saw people playing chess with two feet tall figures on the ground.

We had a lovely lunch at a café. Then we walked around the city. The views are spectacular, the city is very clean. Bill has decided we are moving there. I need to remind him how expensive Cokes are. We then went back to the house and Roy arrived back from England. So we drank more wine and ate a lovely pasta casserole.

Day 6 Menaggio, Lake Lugano

Jo made us an typical English breakfast of eggs and English bacon (very similar to Canadian bacon) and chocolate chip pastries.

Bill was a told a place to go bird in the mountains, so we attempted to find it. We had a lovely drive through the mountains but it would have been too long for Roy to come back and get us. So we went to a town at Lake Lugano called Osteno and hiked up a road into the woods, but it was not very birdy. This is not a tourist town and I loved it! Osteno is so quaint and quiet We sat and had cappuccinos and cokes at a lakeside café.

Then we went back to the house while Bill walked around looking for birds. When he came back we drove down the hill to Menaggio for gelato and walking the dogs. We found the Italian Sudoku book for my dad while in town.

We had homemade chicken pie and salad for dinner. Then we watched The Boat That Rocked, known in the United States as Pirate Radio. Great movie, great actors.

It is still bugging me who the actor was in Paris. I have not figured that out yet.


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