Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Stop Villa Lapas Costa Rica

Our final stop in Costa Rica was an all inclusive resort called Villa Lapas. It was on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. And most importantly it had air conditioning!!! The boys loved the fact that the bar tab was included and they took advantage of it.

We found a guide named Victor. He was not the best guide we had but he was very entertaining. We went to Carara State Park and did a river trip on the Tarcoles River. The Scarlet Macaws are found all over the place here. They are quite colorful and beautiful.

One night there was an earthquake. I was half asleep so I was not sure what was going on. It felt like someone was tilting the bed. Then it felt like someone lifted the bed. However I also had the worst asthma attack of my life that night. Bill knew I was dying so he put the pillow over his head. I went outside to the water cooler. But I had a really rough time. I completely forgot out my "dream" until Adam mentioned the next morning about the earthquake. Of course Bill, Bryan and Scott slept through it all.

Here is a frog found on the property.

Bill and I at the outdoor dining area.

The beach on the Pacific side.

The mangroves as seen from the boat!


At the top of the hill was a sanctuary that they were really proud of. We did not pay the $20 a person to go in.

Our napkins turned into birds.

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Carol B said...

How beautiful! It's nice that Bill didn't put the pillow over YOUR head during your asthma attack.