Friday, June 11, 2010

Stop 2 - La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

The second stop on our whirlwind tour of Costa Rica was the La Selva Biological Station.

First it must be said that we could not have found ANY of our places without the help of the Garmin. It had all the hotels in it, so we were able to find our way from hotel to hotel. Bryan doubted it every time and pulled out the map, but each time we ended up right at the hotel! Eventhough we have Garmins, we did not buy the Costa Rican map, we just rented the Garmin with the car. That one had the rental car place already on it. We never would have found our way out of the airport or back to it with a map! We thought $9/day was steep for about the first 15 minutes, then decided it paid for itself.

The La Selva Biological Station is a research station in Costa Rica that a lot of scientists gather information on a lot of different topics from birds, to earthquakes, to snakes, flora. They have all kinds of electronic equipment there. But most importantly, they have a lot of study aboard students, both undergrad and graduate students. Scott was in heaven. He even went on a nature walk with one group after befriending the girls. He did get lost trying to find out cabin, but anyone that knows Scott is not surprised.

The food was typical Costa Rican dorm food. You had your card, and you stood in line. The food was ok, but there was a lot of fruit so we were happy.

The guy at the front desk was a riot. One time Bill and I had come back to the gift shop for cokes, then went on another trail. Bryan came in and asked them if they had seen his dad. So when we came back he told us that Bill's son was looking for us. I told him that we tried to lose him but it didn't work. Michael looked at us and said straight faced "but he was really scared". We all laughed.

Our rooms were typical dorm rooms, twin beds, but had a walk in closet. The building held 4 rooms and they had free laundry facilities. Since we were not students, we were away from the main buildings. Adam, Kevin and John were the other 2 rooms in our building. Then Daphne and James were in the next building.

The first day we went on a nature walk and met Daphne and James from Kansas. They heard us talking about a boat ride, so they signed up for it too. They are not birders per se, but enjoy nature, so they enjoyed the boat ride. They also saved us because Michael gave us horrible directions where to go pay and we had to find Daphne and James to lead us there.

This was from the boat.

Here is a Basilisk lizard, also known as the Jesus Christ lizard for being able to walk fast over water.

Some of the flora.

A bird we saw. The Slaty tailed trogan. You will notice my photography skills went south. The reason being, Bryan took the camera I was using. Unfortunately his camera quit working after a bad rain storm on Cerra Silencio. And since he is the better photographer, he got the good camera.

Here is a great curassow that was at the front gate when we walked in.

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