Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stop 3 Arenal Observatory Lodge

The third stop was Arenal Observatory Lodge. On the way from La Selva we passed a horrible wreck and were positive someone was killed. It looked like a car was passing something and was hit head on by an 18 wheeler. The 18 wheeler went off the road, hit a transformer, and was jackknived. When we got to Arenal we ran into James of James and Daphne. He said they came on the wreck before the emergency equipment got there and the guy was awake. That was a miracle. James had questions for Bill about birds they had seen.

This is the view from the lodge of the volcana, which erupted the day before we got there. The lodge was beautiful. I am missing some pictures, but when I find them I will post them. The boys said it was the nicest place they ever stayed. I can't say the same since the Hotel Scribe in Paris when I was 11 will never be topped. We had 3 bedrooms and a living room. OH MY. I was so in love with that place. It is $1727 a night now for just a one bedroom suite. They must have remodeled since we stayed there in 1965.

The food was overpriced and just ok. Was not the best we had. Breakfast was included and was very good. Fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, etc.

This was below the lodge. We saw lots of monkeys. Our guide Christian was very good. At this spot we found a swam of army aunts. So a flock of anteaters was eating the insects that the ants stirred up. We were very lucky to see a lot of different birds because of the army aunts.

A view of the lake from the lodge.

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