Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kalliope, the Perfect Cat

This is Kalliope, the perfect cat. I picked her from the hoardes of cats at the Humane Society in Montgomery County. She has more personality than any cat I've ever seen. She is a snuggler and loves to sleep either on top on me or plastered against my legs.

Bill has taught her to fetch mice. And she can catch my hair bands in mid air. She is a talker though. She wants to be where anyone else is. And she is so curious. She is into to everything, but she doesn't mess anything up. She will just play with things like Bill's chapstick or my eye drops. We find them all over the house.

So remember what Kimmie said - go adopt. And make sure they are fixed.


The Joiners said...

Cute background! The china is Pickard - Santa Clara is the pattern. Glad you (and Kimmie!) both like it- I hardly ever use it but I love it :)

The Joiners said...

Ha ha too funny - I was on that site just yesterday! is another good one... I think their prices are similar. Seasons of Rose is pretty too- perfect for a tea party or something :)