Sunday, May 18, 2008

Montana May 10 - Glacier National Park

Before we left Kalispell we stocked up on groceries so we could snack, eat during the day. Food was twice as expensive as home. We This is Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. Scott and I decided our pictures looked like back drops for MGM. I took this one with my little Sony. The Road to the Sun was closed from the lodge to the other side because supposedly the road needed to be plowed. I wanted to see Harlequin ducks so we had to hike up (and I mean up) the mountain for 4 miles before we saw them. We ran into another couple looking for them. They were from Dallas but have lived in Kalispell for the last 25 years.
The boys were planning on going 2 more miles up, I said forget it. There were some cool trails but Bill didn't want me going down them alone because if I fell, who knows when someone would find me. So I went back down the main road and ran into some women we met on the way up. I get down and about an hour later Scott shows up. He had gone down the paths and had been chased by a grizzley. And didn't have the camera, Bryan had it. He had gotten tired so he left Bill and Bryan. About an hour after that, Bill and Bryan show up. They didn't find the black swifts - we found out later that they weren't there yet. And at the end of the week when we were elsewhere, they had opened the road to where they hiked. We did not see any snow up to that height.
We had planned to look for the black backed woodpeckers but we couldn't hike any more.

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