Sunday, May 18, 2008

Montana May 9 - Kalispell

We left the house at 4:45 to pick up Scott and Bryan and head to the airport. We had a flight on NW in the toy planes but we were pleasantly surprised that they are bigger than the Continental toy planes and were quite comfortable. Poor Scott got off work at 1:30 so he decided not to go to bed, then could not get comfortable on the plane because he got the 1 seat that was broken and didn't go back. I switched seats with him and he couldn't sleep on the aisle very well. We were worried about our connection since we had 32 minutes between flights. We got to Minneapolis early and managed to get something to eat. We get to the plane and Scott had left his boarding pass at Quiznos at the other end of the airport. So he ran and somehow found it. He was the last one on the plane. We arrived in Kalispell around 2 pm. We drove around and this is one park we saw.

The trees have not bloomed out yet. Looking at the mountains we could see it snowing. Check the middle of this picture. It was quite beautiful. Montana has less than 1 million people and only 1 area code. Houston has 3 area codes and around 4 million people in Houston proper and 2 million in the burbs. And it doesn't snow very often in Houston. We checked into our motel. It used to be the Big Sky Inn and was taken over by Rodeway. The room was huge, the beds comfortable and the price was reasonable. With 4 of us and all of our coats, junk, etc, the room was wonderful. We ate at a local chain for pizza and pasta called Mackenzie River Pizza. It was quite good. The sun doesn't go down till 10 and we didn't make it till then.

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