Monday, May 19, 2008

Montana May 13 - Malta

We woke up early in Malta and headed out to find grouse. They usually do their mating dance early so you have to catch them then. We were driving to one place we knew when the biologist called us at 6:30 am and told us exactly where to go. We found the Sage Grouse exactly where they said and the grouse were still doing their dance. So we hurried to find the Sharp Tailed Grouse. We found them too. Our luck had changed. The terrain has changed drastically, this is where the grouse live.

Then we went to find the Baird's Sparrow. They live in Prairie fields like this. We searched for hours with no luck. We then drove to Great Falls. When we got to Great Falls there were no rooms to be found. We finally had one motel tell us the La Quinta downtown had rooms. The Special Olympics were going on. The sun doesn't go down until 10 PM, so we had been out late every night and we were very tired. Great Falls was quite beautiful we found out the next day.

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