Monday, May 19, 2008

Montana May 12 - East Glacier

We left Kalispell for our drive east. We first stopped to see mountain goats. We looked up the hill they were supposed to be on but didn't see anything. Then a group of people stopped and said to look over at a fence, he usually sees a lot there. We could not see anything from where we were but could see some people stopped in front of the fence and looking for a long time. So we went to the pull out in the road, and looked up. There they were. So we continued to drive east and it started snowing. Here is Bill and Bryan in a snowball fight.

We then tried to go to the east side of the park but the roads were closed because of snow. So we started to Havre, pronounced Haver. We stopped at an Indian junk shop and bought gifts. We stopped a few places along the way to bird, but decided to drive all the way to Malta. We got there at 11 at night and ended up in the "best" motel in town. Barely made it before they locked the doors. It was quite expensive for a basic motel.

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