Saturday, May 3, 2008

Xena the Evil Princess

This is Xena, our youngest but not smallest cat. We also refer to her as Roadkill. See picture to the left. She has short little legs and lays on her back, then whacks anyone that goes past her.

As you can see she loves to email, blog and IM. But her favorite activity is sitting in front of Scarlett who hates her while Scarlett is trying to eat.

Yesterday she had dental work done because of some infection in her mouth. She was such a trouper. She walked right into her carrier and then did not cry once on the way to the vet. Once she got there she was a good girl. When I went to pick her up she was ready to go home, she was shaking from being scared. She had some knots in her thick fur so the vet shaved them off. Now she has a reverse mohawk. See the middle of her back.

She is a sweet cat until she decides to gnaw on her your hand. She is very funny and we love her!

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