Sunday, May 18, 2008

Montana May 11 - Glacier National Park

We got up Sunday morning to go back to Glacier. We hiked up another closed road so the boys could find a black backed woodpecker. They only live in burned areas. We hiked about a mile up and then there was hard packed snow/ice. I said forget it and walked back down. Then it started raining/hailing/sleeting and was cold as all get out. They came back several hours later and did not find Mr Woodpecker. The boys wanted to go back to where the bear chased Scott so Bill and I walked around the Lake McDonald lodge. Bill and I picked up a hitchhiker that wanted to go back to Apgar Village. It was a kid from one of the Russian countries but goes to the U of Arkansas. He had hiked up to Lake McDonald Lodge from Apgar Village. And decided he couldn't make it back. That night we stopped at a cafe for dinner.

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