Monday, May 25, 2009

I Caved

Bill was mad at me for taking the kittens to be adopted. And he kept begging me to let him go get the kittens. I said no. Here is the conversation from Friday.

B: Do you know the ID numbers for the other two kittens (or just all of them)?

E: The number I got was the one for Dunn.

B: They said the other two were #7656389 & #7656394 (named Willie & Badger) and that they have already been adopted out to different owners... do those numbers match what you have?

I have Brooks (siamese mix) #7656354 and Dunn #7656399 for the other two and they have NOT been adopted... (sure I can't have just those two...? PLEASE????)

E: kittens will tear up the house worse than it already is. And Spike can not handle anything new. It upsets him too much. And we don't have room.

B: It's adult cats that bother Spike, not new kittens... Kalliope and Xena came in as kittens and they don't tear things up and I lost Rusty and Gizmo...

E: And I'm not having 2 more male cats to pee on things.

B: I'll help more

E: And we gained Scooby and Silver. Kalliope was full grown when we got her. She is just special.

B: cuz she's "your" cat...

E: No more cats.

Then Saturday I finally told him that if the kittens were still there on Monday he could get them. But I made the mistake of looking on the website, and the Siamese had been adopted. So he begged and pleaded more. So I said he could have the white one, which was his favorite all along. The whole way there I said you have to think of a name. We are very picky about our names, not that you would know by some of the names. Some of them we inherited. Anyway, the SPCA said the kitten was white with mustard. So I was joking around saying we could call him Col Mustard, or Clue. Bill said he liked the name Keagan but thought it was a girl's name. I said I thought it was a boys name. So we get to the SPCA and Bill goes postal. He is frantically looking for the kitten and can't find it. So he goes and stands at the desk. Meanwhile, I find him, asleep in his litter box. Great. Xena used to do that.

So we get the kitten but have to leave him to get fixed. So we pick him up tonight, after he gets fixed, his shots and microchipped. But while we were talking with the person doing the paperwork, she says he's really not mustard, but flame-tipped. And he's really sweet, not wild like he was when we took him in. He was getting sweet while he was holed up in my bathroom.

So we get home and look up Keagan. It can be male or female and means flame. So we have a name! It was destiny.

Meanwhile: This morning I found 2 more kittens on the back porch. I have the trap out. This week after we catch the kittens, we will catch the adult cats and take them to the Spay Neuter clinic.

Pictures to follow.

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