Monday, May 11, 2009

More on the Unemployment To Do List

Here are additions to the unemployment to do list:

Wash outside of car
Clean inside car
work on Bill’s mom’s cookbook
mail cookbook to family
work on surprise project
Update resume
Print out pictures from ML’s mom’s birthday party
Organize the DVDs
Get rid of Bill’s VHS tapes
Catch kittens and take to Petsmart
Re-cover cat towers

I might have to reorder what I decided to do. This morning we had great excitement when the stray kittens climbed in Bill's engine. We had to get them out so he would leave for work. I thought I had one kitten captured and then he bite the you know what out of me and got away. Their claws are sharp! I'm bruised like you wouldn't believe. So I need to get room in the garage so we can get the cars in there. At least till I catch the kittens and take them to a rescue. Right now I can't get close to them.

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