Friday, May 8, 2009

Laid off - Again

I was working on a contract at one of the top cancer hospitals in the country. Because of the economy their investments are not doing well, patients are paying as fast, so they were in a cash flow problem. They ended up stopping all IT projects. I had the greatest team ever. Everyone is devastated. The full time people don't know what till happen to them either.

I had just been let go from another job 3 months again that they asked me to move to Nashville. I did not like my boss, and had no desire to move to Nashville. At least I had a 3 month reprieve with a great bunch of people.

So now it's back to looking. I will apply anywhere just to have insurance. COBRA is so expensive. And at my age, I can not afford to go without.

Hopefully something will happen soon. In the meantime, I might get some home repairs done.

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The Joiners said...

Sorry, I am behind! Sorry to hear about your lay-off, but it looks like you are being productive and making the most of it :) I would have definitely preferred riding a bus to having to navigate the Medical Center on my own last night, that's for sure!