Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slow Day

Yesterday was a slow day. I started out by walking in the extreme humidity and mugginess. I'm still at the 2 mile mark for one more day.

I cleaned out the linen closet in Bill's bathroom. When his ex left (he's been divorced 10 years), she left several comforters and lots of polyester sheets - ick. So finally after 5 years got around to cleaning all of that out. I took all of the comforters that were left (I had already donated about 5) and the sheets to one of the clothing boxes at HEB that go to needy families. Then I refolded all the towels, blankets, etc. We have an empty shelve and everything is very neat and easy to get to. As you can see, I had a big helper here. Kalliope, my 6 pound cat, decided that she was going to help.

Completed: 22. Straighten linen closet in Bill’s bathroom

I made Bill chocolate chip cookies, his favorite and fortunately I don't like them much. I made me cheese scones. See Kimmie's blog for the recipe.

I went to the post office, library, and dropped the linens at HEB. At the library, I read magazines and picked up Living Dead in Dallas that finally arrived. When I got home I loaded Living Dead in Dallas on my iPod. I have all the other Sookie books now and have listened to Dead to the World already. So I'm psyched to continue the Sookie series!! But first I have to finish Mr and Miss Anonymous and Look Again. I'm loving both of these books!

After making dinner, I watched the Biggest Loser finale, and the semi's of Dancing With the Stars. Glad it was Ty that went home, the best are left. I think I'm pulling for Gilles. There were some amazing stories on Biggest Loser!

And I applied for lots of jobs!

Up for today? Who knows! I'm hoping someone will call for an interview!

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