Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Kittens

Here is where I took Keagan for his first vet visit. He was loved by all. He didn't even get mad at me for putting 3 pills down his throat today.
In the meantime, I found 3 other kittens out on the back porch. So I put the trap back out. This is from another stray and all of her kittens look alike. There is an older kitten out there but I haven't caught it yet. These will all go to the SPCA.

I went to check on them, and this one was on top of the exfoliant. I thought it was a hilarious picture. The biggest problem is the Houston SPCA won't take them till they weigh 2 pounds and these guys are really little. But they are eating well, so they should plump up quickly. Then off to the SPCA they go. I have a temp job starting tomorrow so I'll have to take them on a Saturday or Sunday.

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Meg said...

Awww...Keagan is a very pretty Kitty. I love his blue eyes.