Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kittens Up For Adoption

I caught all the stray kittens in the rabbit live animal trap purchased at the Tractor Supply Company. Here they are as bunk cats in the carrier. I took them first to a no kill shelter. Fortunately the shelter was booked, because I didn't like it at all. The cats were in cages but not in air conditioning. The place was not sterile at all. So I went to the Houston SPCA not because I wanted to. And I was pleasantly surprised. First of all the building is gorgeous, and was designed by my college roommate Martha. It has sections for drop off, adoption, spay neuter and education. The place is spotless.

The adoption area is very nice. They keep the litters together. There is a get acquainted room. I was so impressed! I did pay $50 to drop off the litter, but I feel they are so cute they will be adopted quickly.

As you can see, the mother got around. These are all from the same litter.

I feel good that these cutie pies will be taken care of. Now the guy checking them in wasn't the brightest. He put one in the new cage, then was having a hard time with the rest, so he took the lid off the carrier. Of course kittens went everywhere. A quick thinking lady guarded the door so no one could come in and the kittens get out. I grabbed a towel and got one of the kittens. Finally the staff caught the other 3. So all we know at this point is the Siamese is a male.

I'm just glad the kittens are not outside any longer getting in Bill's engine (we found them there on Monday morning) or playing with the raccoons (the little one's eye has been scratched) or being eaten by fleas and other such stuff. And I did not let Bill keep any!

Update: I knew this would happen. Bill told the other cats that Evil Ellen threw the kittens away. Fortunately they don't believe anything he says.

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Bethany said...

thanks for offering to help! that's so sweet. fortunately everything is pretty much finished-its so nice having destination weddings, I highly recommend it. if something does pop up I will let you know! I bet we are practically neighbors, that's so funny:) thanks again!