Friday, May 22, 2009

Refurbish Cat Tree

One of my many projects of unemployment is to refurbish the cat trees. Bill's ex bought them and she left 10 years ago. With lots of cats, the numbers vary from month to month, this is the condition of one of them.

I started with these tools. But to get the old nasty carpet off, I used needlenose pliers to get all the staples out. The carpet cutter was very handy too.

This is what my arms looked like before I got the carpet off the wood.

Here is the finished product. Sienna has proclaimed the new tree is hers and chases everyone else off. In the house part is Silver. When Sienna was a kitten, she was a stray that was attacked by a dog. Allison worked at the vet, and when someone brought Sienna in and did not want her, she took her. She brought her by our house to take care of her till she found a home. Well, that was 3 years ago. She has become the sweetest cat. And has recovered from all of her wounds. Silver was one of Bill's mom's cats that we took in when Bill's mom died. She has bad asthma, but is very sweet and loves me.

I think the finished product turned out pretty nice. I ran out of carpet halfway through, and had to play let's make a deal with Lowe's for more remnants. They don't match, but that's ok, I don't have a job and it was cheap.
The tile on the floor is one of my other DIY projects.


Anonymous said...

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Valvaren said...

Wow you did a really nice job on that! I never thought about using carpet. My cat doesn't really act like your average cat and I find he doesn't really like store bought scratch post but loves our couch. I wonder if I made a structure out of wood and covered it with couch like fabric? Hrm you have given me a great idea!